Take Advantage Of The Arizona Sun

Phoenix, AZ & Solar Go Hand In Hand

It is no secret that the sunshine and heat in Phoenix and surrounding cities is scorching, and air conditioners are a must, causing an influx of electricity uses in the hot summer months.  

Pay Yourself Or The Electric Company?

This is one consideration when getting solar.  With the rising costs of utility company rates consistently going up, it just makes sense to go with solar and either pay in full, finance or lease your system -- investing in YOU instead of the utility company.  Call for questions:  623.229.3944

Not All Solar Systems Are The Same

When you speak to our solar educator, you will learn everything you need to know to make an educated decision, if you use Pro Solutions Air Solar and Electric or not.  You will know the difference between less expensive systems, and why they are less expensive.  You will learn about system monitoring for performance.  You will learn about all finance options and more.

Types Of Solar Panels


These have the look most people recognize, and are one of the highest efficiency types of solar.

Biohybrid Solar Cell

Still in the research phase, but if you have questions about it, just ask!


These are slightly less expensive, more sensitive to the outdoor elements and not as efficient.

Thin Film

Thinner, less expensive, typically shorter warranty yet more flexible.

Concentrated PV Cell

Very high performance & efficiency rate.  Cooling system is required.

Cadmium Telluride Solar Cell

Lower cost and shorter payback time.  Uses less water than other similar panels.